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Tour Operator: Adventure park Hvar Jelsa ( Just follow us j.d.o.o) 1 hour Travel method:   Other / Non-Travel Region / Starts from: Dalmatia - Split

Bubble Football Hvar

Also known as zorb football or bubble football in body zorbs. The beautiful game in an inflatable bubble! AMAZING FOOTBALL SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED – to get the ball from your opponent you’ll need to bash into them, resulting in some hilarious bounces and a truly memorable experience. 

Games you can play with Zorb balls !

Bubble Soccer

5-A-Side Bubble Football is our flagship game consisting of 10 players in total playing a game of 5-A-side football inside our giant specially designed zorbs.

Bubble Bull-Dog

Bubble Bull-Dog consists of 10 players in total, with one of them (The Bulldog) standing in the centre of the pitch. The aim of the game is for all remaining players to run from one end of the pitch to the other without being knocked over by the Bulldog. If you are knocked down then you join the Bulldog, so on and so forth. Last player standing wins.

Forward Roll Race

Forward Roll Race consists of 10 players starting at one end of the pitch inside their giant zorbs. The object of the game is to get from one end of the pitch to the other as quickly as possible...only doing forward rolls (Roly Poly's). 1st player to the other side wins.

1 v 1 knockout

1 versus 1 Knockout consists of splitting the team into pairs and competing against each other! Each player starts from opposite ends of the pitch with the football being placed in the centre spot. The object of the game is for the first person to score a goal in the opposing teams net...but first both players must run towards each other and collide before touching the football.

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12 Minimum age: 12 years
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Professional guide

Beverages (0,5 per preson) ( cola, fanta, water etc)

All taxes, fees and handling charges

Field reservation 1 hour

Equipment for play 

10 zorb balls

Important information

Sport chlotes and shoes are recommended !

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