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    Tour Operator: Adventure park Hvar Jelsa ( Just follow us j.d.o.o)     3 hours     Travel method: Other / Non-Travel     Region: Dalmatia - Split

Its great for adrenalin junkie and also like stag do activity or teambuilding program.

On every activity you play league tournament system so everybody play the same number of games

This is adrenalin rush you will never forget !

Exreme olimpic include :

Paintball (Full equipment +200 balls)

When you come to the park our staff will show you the field, explain all safety rules and how to play the game.

How the markers work, how to shoot etc.

Then we will help you get dressed for the game.

You will need to make 2 teams who will play against each other.

After you are all ready to go, you will get your paintballs depending
on your package

You will go to your side of the field near your flag and make your
strategy with your team.

When you are all ready, the staff will give the sign to start the

If you have any problems staff is there whole time so at any time you
can ask for help.

When you get hit, you come to our central zone wait 5-10 min till that
game is finished and when one team wins, you change sides and go

You can do that till you have paintballs left.

So you don t play just one game, with package of 200 you can play
at least 4-5 games!

After everybody is done you put your equip down and go to our other
activities ,or go for a swim at nearby beach.

Battle Archery

Enjoy a thrilling day out where you will have the chance to wear each other
out shooting arrows at each other in a series of games which are both
challenging and fun! Battle Archery was developed to use a foam
tipped arrow that can be fired safely in a game.

If you have done paintball and walked away with some heavy old bruises
then that will not happen with Battle archery. This can be a fast and
physical game for the competitive team.

Before the fun begins, the team will be given a safety and instruction
briefing along with their safety equipment!

Teams play against each other. The idea is to”tag” your opponent to
score points. When a player is tagged they are eliminated from the

There is a chance to respawn your team members just as you would in
dodgeball. Players also shoot at targets to add extra points to their
team scores.

A game ends after a specific period of time once all opponents are
eliminated. The rules of the games will be explained before the games

Its The Hunger Games? So what are you waiting for? 

Warrior range

Ever wanted to have a go at throwing axes and knifes at a target?
You wanted to try real slingshot and blowgun?
And shoot with bow like a Superhero?
Well, this is the right program for you! Have you wondered what else you
can throw?
Learn the fundamental of throwing sports in a safe environment.
 We will teach you how to throw axes, knifes, Shoot with bow , blowgun
and slingshoot!
You will learn about rotations and how to hit your target!
Take on our various challenges and have a throw off against others.
Who will be number one?  

Best price guarantee
No hidden costs
Minimum age: 16 years
Difficulty: Extreme

What is included

  • Paintball : Full equipment +200 paintballs
  • Battle Archery Full equipment -1 hour on the field
  • Warrior range - 5 disciplines - Axe & knif throwing, Archery , Blowgun, Slingshoot 1 Hour
  • Professional guide
  • Beverages(0,5 per preson) ( cola, fanta, water etc)
  • All taxes, fees and handling charges
  • Field reservation
  • Equipment for play 

Important information

  • Sport shoes and clothes
  • Spare t-shirt


  • Sport shoes and Clothes are recommended.

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Best price guarantee

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