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Private Tour: Gems of Istra from Zagreb

    Tour Operator: Super Tours     12 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Dalmatia - Zagreb

Let us
take you to the gems of Istra, little hidden places Hum, Pazin, Motovun and
Zavrsje. Hum, Croatians like to call it the smallest city in the world, it is
situated in the heart of Istra. During the history it was the most famous
center of Croatian Glagolitic script, which can be seen on historical monuments
such as Glagolitic walkway which connect Hum and Roc.

Pazin is a
home of the medieval fortress known as Kastel which due to its position
inspired Jules Vern to set part of his novel 'Mathias Sandorf' in this area. In
honor of him local hold a festival 'Days of Jules Vern'. But this wonderful
town also hold other sights to see such as church of St. Nicolas, Franciscan
Church of Visitation.

The most
famous Istrian medieval city is of course Motovun. Well known film festival
takes place there every year, but popularity of this place is also due its
architecture. From the church of St. Stephen with a separate bell tower,
serrated battlements, gates and walls to the enchanting streets and squares
makes this place magical to wonder around. We should not forget to mention
amazing offer of food and wine especially truffles specialties that are taken
from nearby Motovun forest. Definitely don’t forget to ask about the legend of
Veli Joze, benign giant that lived in the vicinity of the town.

finally the last but still significant little place called Zavrsje. This town
was surrounded by walls and had two entrances. Today the city core of Zavrsje
it is protected urban unit entered in the Register of Croatian cultural
monuments. Among preserved buildings, three churches, castle and south entrance
gates stand out.

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