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Private Tour from Dubrovnik: The Heart of Bosnia - Sarajevo

    Tour Operator: Super Tours     13 hours     Travel method: Mini Bus / Car     Region: Dalmatia - Dubrovnik

a tour to Sarajevo in a luxury vehicle, with your own personal English speaking
driver who is at your full disposal to ensure a memorable tour. Discover rich
history and dreamy scenery that typifies Bosnian region on this private full
day trip to Sarajevo. The capital of Bosna and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is one of
the most historically interesting cities in Europe. Its rich cultural heritage
dates back to the prehistoric period. Most of significant objects and symbols
of Sarajevo were built throughout the era of Ottoman Empire and Austro Hungarian

is specific as a place that gathers so many cultures in one place: The Roman
Catholic (west), Eastern Orthodox (east) and the Ottoman (south). Today the
city has psychically recovered from most of the war damages caused by the 1990s
conflict. It is a living museum of history, tradition and culture. The city,
famous for its traditional religious diversity, has often been called the Jerusalem
of Europe. With its authentic cultural mix, Sarajevo is a city of charm, city
center featuring Bascarsija bazaar, ancient trading place with artisans’
workshops, coffee drinking dens, traditional restaurants, bars and an endless
welcoming atmosphere. Together, with its citizens, Sarajevo has a unique spirit
close to the heart that cannot leave you indifferent.

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